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Coming up in December!

Winter Choral Concert - Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm

Winter Instrumental Music Concert (all bands and orchestra) - Thursday, December 10th at 7pm

Orlando forms should be turned in ASAP!


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Hear what we have to say…


“I have always enjoyed the sound of instruments coming together and joining one another to make one piece. one sound. one band. I’ve love the idea of it being a different way to tell a story. I enjoy marching band, even through those hard, sweaty nights, where we don’t want to play anymore. The nights where we are in soo much pain, we just want to go home and lay in bed. I love it because, those are the nights that bring us together. We fall together, we win together, we sweat together, but most of all we are what make up, Northwest Marching Band. What our band are known for, Hard work and pure talent. Symphonic pushes us to be better than who we are, as a musician. It helps us learn that music isn’t something that can be taken as easy, it’s something you have to work on and truly dedicate yourself to be the best you can ever be.  

Impossible is nothing.”

–Katherine Rodas

“Marching band gives me the chance to meet people with my same interests, and learn how to work on a team better. It teaches me leadership as well as being commited. It’s also taught me to keep pushing on when I’m struggling, and to always tell myself that “I can do it!”

– Samantha Shoop



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